Organic Sweet Onion Chutney - 200g

Organic Sweet Onion Chutney - 200g

La Ferme de Valbonne
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The Cévennes concentrated in a jar: here is the sweet chutney of sweet onions from the Cevennes.

After having patiently dried on the faïsses (or terraces in Cevennes), the sweet onion releases all its aromas, without attacking the taste buds. Deglazed with vinegar, with a touch of salt and pepper, this little chutney will seduce you.

Perfect to accompany your cheese platters, your meats, your foie-gras, it brings that little sweet touch that we love so much.

From the family garden, Michel cultivates sweet onions with patience and love. At the heart of the Valbonne Farm, the onions are harvested and processed gently, by hand, like the other products of the farm.

Preservation: After opening, keep in a cool place for several months, preferably in the body of the refrigerator rather than in the door, wiping the lid and neck of the jar well.

Ingredients: onions*, red wine*, vinegar*, sugar*, grenadine*, oil*, salt.

Products from organic farming.