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Welcome to my online grocery store!    

My name is Fawzi, I was born in Alès, in the Gard region at the foot of the Cevennes. I decided to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure after my studies in business school.

After 7 years out of the region, I returned to my native land to look for work in event management. It's a sector that I really like because it's dynamic, human and creative. The health situation of COVID-19 complicated things. The sector was at a standstill, I just had to wait for "it to pass"...


During this period of dearth, I took the time to rediscover my region. I have always enjoyed being in nature. Going for a walk, picking fruits, collecting chestnuts and mushrooms, growing vegetables in the garden, taking care of my bees and chickens... The fact of finding these simple activities and transforming the products of my harvest gave me the desire to share with you this passion for good things.


To do this, I decided to make my own selection of products by traveling through the Cevennes. I absolutely wanted to work with people who had the same love I have for the land, its work and the transformation of products. Out of 100 producers contacted, 50 were interested in the project. So I went to meet these 50 people to find the ones that corresponded to me. I spent almost 2 months on the road on a perimeter of 70km to present you 25 passionate producers.

So I created Cebenna to please myself and to please you. I am happy to be able to welcome you virtually in this territory to share a moment of greed!

The Cévenol kiss

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