The story

Cebenna is a delicatessen which intends to honor the Cevennes region by its soil by selecting and proposing online local products of qualities, born around a history and specific know-how. 

The idea came to me from the observation that being born at the foot of the Cevennes, Alès in the Gard, I did not know enough about this magnificent region rich in contrast, landscapes and gastronomy. After more than 7 years of wandering around France and abroad for my studies, I realized that the discovery of a place and a culture was often through the discovery of its local gastronomy. When I came back, and helped by the health situation, I was able to rediscover my region and its wonders. 

So I asked myself the question of how to make people discover or rediscover the beauty and uniqueness of the Cévennes region, support small local producers, preserve ancestral know-how and protect a unique environment? 

In today's uncertain world, for me, the solution is to send you local products rigorously selected for their quality and their stories directly to your home. So with Cebenna, the Cevennes are just a click away!

Pourquoi Cebenna ?

Mes valeurs

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