Fig Chutney - smooth, balanced, historic - 220g

Fig Chutney - smooth, balanced, historic - 220g

Fan & Jicé
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A chutney made from two of Cévennes 's star products: figs and sweet onions.

Fan and Jicé have selected two varieties of white figs for this recipe: Sucrette and Boule d'Or. Full of sunshine, these fruits with their dense flesh blend particularly well with the sweet onion, giving this tasty and soft chutney.

On the edge of a plate to accompany foie gras, added at the end of cooking to your sautéed vegetables, or on toast as an aperitif, ... the choice is yours!

Fan and Jicé are defined as peasant cooks, cultivating only for the needs of their delicious recipes. In the Mas, under the Cévennes sun, they take the time to do things right, and to cook with love.


Storage: After opening, store in a cool place for several months, preferably in the body of the refrigerator rather than in the door, wiping the lid and neck of the jar well.

Ingredients: White figs, sugar, sweet onions, sultanas, apples, wine vinegar, spices, salt.

Guaranteed without colouring, preservatives or added flavourings.