Fig Confit (figs and fig leaves) - 100g

Fig Confit (figs and fig leaves) - 100g

Fan & Jicé
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A sweet and tasty fig confit, which will be a perfect accompaniment to your savoury dishes.

At the end of the summer, at Mas Clément, Fan and Jicé harvest the last figs of the Sucre Vert variety. Sun-drenched, tasty and perfectly sweet, the fruit is then gently cooked to give this delicately flavoured confit.

Perfect with foie gras, fresh goat's cheese or sorbet, this nugget will enhance your dishes in no time.

Fan and Jicé They define themselves as peasant cooks, cultivating only for the needs of their delicious recipes. In the Mas, under the Cévennes sun, they take the time to do things right, and to cook with love.



Storage: After opening, store in a cool place and consume quickly.

Ingredients : Fig leaf infusion (water, sugar, fig leaves), green figs, fig leaves, agar agar.

Guaranteed without the use of flavouring, colouring or preservatives.