Organic Vanilla Chestnut Jam - 240g

Organic Vanilla Chestnut Jam - 240g

Les Saveurs du Castanet
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A jam that doesn't skimp on deliciousness, with a touch of vanilla.

The marriage of chestnut and vanilla is particularly successful, oscillating between greediness and woodiness. On a slice of bread or as a dessert with fromage blanc, this jam will delight sweet tooths in one bite.

In the heart of the Basses Cévennes, where there is a high concentration of chestnut trees, Camille is a chestnut grower. Passed down from generation to generation, this profession has become a passion. She perpetuates the family know-how on her farm, with a local, ethical and organic approach.

Storage: After opening, store in a cool place and use up quickly. Wipe the lid and neck of the jar well for longer storage.

Ingredients: Sugar*, chestnut from Cévennes*, Madagascar vanilla extract*.
Total sugar content: 58%

*Products from organic farming.