La Cavale Du Ventalon

Amélie and Trazate own a farm in the heart of the Cevennes National Park with their Mérens horses as main activity. They will take you for a ride to discover the richness of a territory they know well. The horses of Mérens which are born and grow up on this territory make it possible to discover the mountainous reliefs of a sure and frank step. 

Amélie is a Cévenol by family and Trazate is a Cévenol by heart. Like the majority of farms in the Cevennes, they have a chestnut grove and orchards that they exploit as well as a production of small fruits that they transform as formerly into delicious artisanal products.

The chestnut tree has impregnated the landscapes and the history of the Cevennes and still provides a living for many inhabitants. Moreover, Amélie's parents are also chestnut producers. Amélie and Trazate also produce delicious apple juice from old apple trees and orchards that have been put back into production. The varieties grown are local and come from seeds and trees planted several generations back.

Certified by Ecocert, all their products are organically grown.

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