Le Rucher Tronc d'Arrigas

"It is a chestnut honey from mountain wild flowers, pressed and not centrifuged. A honey as it was made in the Middle Ages"
Stéphane is a passionate and exciting beekeeper. It is in his small village of Arrigas, in the heart of the Cévennes National Park, that he has revived ancestral methods practiced in the late Middle Ages. He has scoured the region in search of old trunk beehives to restore and recover the old hives abandoned because of the two wars and replaced by modern, lighter and more productive frame hives. 

His project is to create a conservatory for the Cévennes black bee so that they can thrive in their natural habitat and nest in the restored trunk hives. These bees are small, vigorous, hard-working and ideally adapted to the climate. For thousands of years, honey was the main source of sugar until it was replaced by sugar from sugar cane.

Stephane has two honey productions, the majority from modern frame hives and a small amount from trunk hives. These hives produce three times less honey than the modern ones. On the other hand, this honey is not centrifuged but pressed, it does not oxidize and contains portions of royal jelly and pollen. 

It thus proposes a honey 100% terroir, carrying a strong identity, a culture and a history. Its honeys adhere to the Esprit Parc National brand, produced with respect to the territory and its traditions.

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