Les Méou

"Mèou: A way of saying "honey" near my home."

It is in Pont-de-Montvert, at the foot of Mont Lozère, that Nyhl works with the black bee in the respect of ancestral practices of trunk hives.

Nyhl has always been surrounded by nature and agriculture. During a festival of the Black Bee and advised by the elders, he took the path of beekeeping and set up his apiary on an exceptional piece of land on the side of Mount Lozère. He then recovers some swarms from beekeepers of the region and starts his activity with a mixture of black and yellow bees, mostly black. But what he wants is to protect our pollinating heritage which is threatened with extinction. And, by joining the local association "L'Arbre aux Abeille", of Yves-Elie and Chantal, he participates today thanks to the project of the territory of "La Vallée de l'abeille noire", which tries at its scale to rebuild an agricultural landscape favorable to the endemic pollinators.

Nhyl conceives its activity as a harmonious relationship between man, bee and nature. His key words are: well-being of the living, respect of natural cycles, non-selection of bees, quality products. He works the modern hive as one leads a trunk apiary: the intervention is minimal and the hive is sedentary. This results in a honey that has the flavor and characteristics of the surrounding flora. 

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