Les Confitures d'Anne Grenouillet

"I used to make authentic jams in the traditional way, as my mother and grandmother had taught me."

Farmer and jam maker, Anne is passionate about agriculture. She grows, collects, peels, washes and cooks, with love, the fruits and vegetables from the family orchard. She is now joined by her daughter Julie.

The adventures of Anne Grenouillet's Jams began in 1984 with her husband, Patrick. At the time, he was a market gardener: he produced and sold all kinds of fruits and vegetables on the markets. It is to avoid the waste of unsold products that Anne started to cook and make her jams.

The first jams were offered to the guests of her gite and with the growing success of her recipes, the customers wanted more. At the beginning, she started with a few flavors and then expanded her range according to the harvests and requests. She makes her jams in an authentic and traditional way as her mother and grandmother had taught her.

Once Patrick retired, Anne decided to take over the farm and continue the adventure of home-made jams. What makes the success of her jams is that they are simple, varied and authentic.

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