Organic Onion Jam with Honey - 200g

Organic Onion Jam with Honey - 200g

La Ferme de Valbonne
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A pure Cévennes small wonder: the sweet onion jam of Michel.

This beautiful onion reveals all its aromas in this jam, after being dried on the terraces of culture. The honey comes to balance with just this jam, and the result is one could not be more greedy. This jam is perfect to accompany spicy dishes or cheeses.

Our advice at Cebenna: a little jam on your pizzas.

Michel works with onions and chestnuts at the foot of Mont Aigoual, in the Gard. All his products are handmade, in the respect of the Cevennes traditions in biodynamic and organic farming.

Conservation: After opening, keep in a cool place and consume quickly. Wipe well the lid and neck of the jar for a longer conservation.

Onions*, vinegar*, sugar*, grenadine*, oil*, honey, salt.

*Products from organic farming.