Passion Cévennes

After reading hundreds of recipes from all over the world, "I wanted to use them and adapt them to chestnuts.

Passion Cévennes is the project of Agnès, a cévenole from the heart. With her husband, they settled in the Cévennes National Park, renowned for its chestnut trees, its unique landscapes and its beautiful and rebellious nature. It is in the commune of Collet-de-Dèze, in Lozère, that they decide to take over an old chestnut grove that they clear and exploit. Agnès intends to develop this fruit which is so present in the region. To distinguish herself from other producers, she opted for the manufacture of cakes and salted products with chestnuts.

Passionate about this fruit, its unique taste and its specificities, she revisits it in all its forms. Her first creation was the Chatanille, the prefix Chata referring to the word chestnut. This chestnut flour, almond and butter cake, flavored with vanilla, was a hit with consumers. For all its products, the ingredients are carefully selected. A great importance is given to quality thanks to follow-ups and controls at each stage of the manufacturing of its authentic products.

Some of its products were even awarded the "Lozère Gourmande" prize in 2018.

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